New song by Florence and her Machine – outstanding. I’m not even a fan of Florence or in general machines though I could not do without my washing machine. Somehow though FATM song picks at the very core of me and makes me feel more alive – and that I can appreciate because I do want a revelation.

These last few nights have been a revelation in the sky. Have you seen the bright stars in the winter sky in the Northern Hemisphere? They have been just soooooo bright. Quite incredible. You tell me there is no deeper purpose and then you see those stars. Yes – that is today’s revelation – the earth and heavens – they burn with life and passion and immense power – and I want to have that enter my very being. 

Yes my blogging friends – dance with the stars. In the words of the great Alison Goldfrapp – I need la la la la la la, I need ooh la la la la.

I smile. So many of you are with me. We are the great unrecorded, the people who every day are reaching out to one another, are building bridges, are lifting one another up. We exist and we know we do.

There. That’s better.