Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
and all the things that you do

I adore that line in Coldplay’s Yellow where Chris sings ‘for you I bleed myself dry.’ I mean – my God – commitment or what. The video is equally compelling, Chris walking against driving wind and rain looking as far away from glamorous as it is possible to look, and singing a song of such great depth and beauty.

Commitment – it’s the future.

This week I know I have followed somethign of a theme, of the incredible depth so many people exhude and therefore inspire us. I want to be inspired, to be lifted out of the enormity of my life into something deeper still. Therein I can truly find myself.

I know writing OAH gave me a depth that moved me. Writing TBG is doing the same. Life has been far too busy of late, curtailing the writing run I was on – but the festive break closes in and I am so happy that I will have time to crack on. I aim to finish draft 1 by the New Year……

Finally I am speaking to a publisher. Easter remains the ideal for OAH to be launched.