In OAH I write a lot about Robert’s childhood friend, Angus. The relationship is based a lot on one I have had, am having! Of course you need to rule out the criminal activity but other than that……

It is amazing how close you can be to friend and how this can cloud your judgement as to what you are prepared to put up with. In OAH Angus goes the extra mile then a mile too far and then a further mile and so on. The path was set, the die was cast, and before he knew it he had overstepped nearly every mark he would ever have thought possible. 

Do you ever in life look at where you are and ask ‘How the Hell!’ Angus has this moment. It is far too late but does he do something about it? You will have to wait and see!

Relationships are so fascinating aren’t they. Every single one of them – good and bad. I mean – the interaction – the buzz – the way it helps shape our lives. 

We also ask a lot from our relationships, testing them, seeing how far they will flex. Is this good? I suspect in part.

True happiness though within a relationship must be the ease within it. This is surely the true test. 

Angus knew his time was up when ease was the very last thing he ever felt anymore with Robert, his idle, his mentor, his very self.

Maybe it’s time to refocus and in some cases, move on.