I was very fortunate this week to spend some time away in south west Cornwall. The weather was kind and the county was very welcoming. I swear it knows me. Sat on a wall overlooking St Michael’s Mount whilst drinking coffee with a biscotti safely tucked in my pocket for later, I let the wind throw itself into me like a playful bear and it felt quite splendid. (I think weather forecasters would do well to describe all breezes by the mood of the bear – playful / angry / moody / off it etc). I had many such ‘stop and breathe’ moments on this break. It was soul feeding and I was very grateful.

It is always interesting to me to see people and chat and watch and get a feel for a place and having down this with Cornwall over my life I am fascinated. I can definitely say they are more chilled. I was told by one of them that life expectancy is 10 years longer than ‘up North!’ I can believe it. I think the promise of the sun coming back soon is always a good thing. I live in the Midlands and here the cloud can sit for days. There it is rare a day does not give you at least a glimpse of brightness and therefore, for a blipper like me, the light gives way to unending possibilities of photographs either through the medium of a machine or to simply be caught by the eye. Click. 

Whilst down there we went to Mousehole which is past those Pirates and you look back over the bay that sits around the magnificent St Michael’s Mount. I took several photos and blipped one of a lovely boat just sat in the sand and waiting to once again take the hand of the sea in a new dance that would come later in the day. The shot I didn’t use for the blip is below. I was struck whilst in the harbour getting angles and generally indulging myself, how peaceful and serene it all was. A moment in time. 

Have a fine day! I have OAH news to come and it is exciting!

Big hugs,