In weather that can only be described as biblical, we made our way into Whitby determined to have a good time. This quintessential British habit is either what made our country great or convinced us that playing cricket in whites as opposed to greens was a good idea. You decide. 
It’s always pleasant to feel large balls of heavy rain explode around you and in particular slap you around the face as though one were literally being hit by the proverbial wet fish. Add to this stinging sensation the Baltic high velocity winds and you begin to see why it is unlikely the humble palm tree will ever takeover the gardens of the east coast parish. 
I type this little ditty in Sainsbury’s car park as CC spends around two hours to find some tomatoes. I can’t really fault her as the car now smells exceedingly badly of damp dog. I have tried to wind down a window but the car has decided that without the ignition on, this is a non starter. I wonder if the aroma of damp dog can get you high as I am feeling rather excitable. CC will assume I’ve had a ‘sniff of the cork.’ 
Poppy remains poised for action as she awaits the return of the chosen one. In the small space of the mini it is likely her barking will reach ear splitting levels once CC is sighted. However sighting may be an issue as the windows are so steamed up that seeing anything is now highly problematic. 

On driving through Whitby earlier I asked the car inhibitors for their thoughts on taking a boat trip. I was met with immense negativity which I have to say was rather disappointing. The offers of bike ride, donkey ride and fairground rides were all similarly declined. 

Later today I am told a storm is coming which can only lead one to surmise what the hell we are currently experiencing. Trees and old ladies that are already bent double by the wind will probably just take off. Should be exciting. 

On a positive note a coastguard chap told me that last years sun cream is useless which means that this poor weather is saving me from having to use faulty goods on my lily white skin!