Good morning dear blog readers. Today is, no prizes here, Sunday and I am ready to sit here, in front of my screen in my study, and type. A mixture of Pepper Pig (children’s programme being watched by MCC) and BBC6 (the marvellous Cerys Matthews) fills the noise behind me but in front of me, in my minds eye, is peace. 

Correction, MCC just kicked off….. Pepper Pig is off. Waybaloo is on meaning I have 17 minutes to get this down.

Now, where was I, ah yes…. peace. Finding your heaven, your time, your peace in this world is, I believe, the cookie! If you can find places where you can switch off and zone out then you have a real chance of survival! I experience very often times of such immense busyness that I forget the importance of zoning out and then I find myself suddenly frazzled. This is not a good place to be.

I was reading some back notes yesterday and came across this:

‘In the speed of my life crossing from journey back and forth, I find I am closer to ease, no matter that the edge sits in sight.’

Now those words were typed in a moment of time and no doubt were blessed with bravado but there is truth in this for me. I have, in times past, hidden a little, maybe not visibly to others but in my own head, and the effect was not good. I became more edgy, more out of control. I have found, for me, that activity is not something to be sneered at, scared about, but rather embraced.

However I would add that I take on too much and as a result I do burn a little. You have to learn. I do try. Life’s journey is one such lesson.

I also came across this little treasure:

‘The day stretched out languidly’
Marcelo Figueras

A most fine book, written within a time of terror, hinting at the truth of beauty.

Isn’t that the truth.

Finally this week the blog turned through a landmark of numbers of hits. It is another truth that I write for me, but I also write for you. Thankyou so much for reading.

Much love.