Good morning dear hearts on this pretty damp April morning. As it should be I guess! Today young Ben (my dear son who someone told him, much to his disgust, this week that he has exactly the same demeanour as his dear father) go to the theatre. The football theatre. Arsenal entertain Chelsea at The Emirates which, for all readers who have no interest in English football at all, should be noted is a big deal. A big game in fact that will set to a large extent final table positions and the revenues that come with that.

I like going to football with Ben. For the football, sure, but as much, in fact more, for the conversation we will have, the quiet times too when we just sit and be. Its a funny thing how these times are stripped away with life getting in the way and you have to work to get them back in. But work you must! It is worth it and so are your relationships. They enrich your soul, give your more stability to face the storms when you are out at sea.

How is your weekend looking? I hope you have some soul enrichment lined up. This week I have been sooooooo busy and I have had to deal with so many soul draining things that by last night I know i looked all sucked out! Next week will be super busy too so this time, this effort, to ensure I top up with soul enrichment is so important. That way I keep my Mojo and you all know what happened to Austin Powers when he lost his. Oh behave!

I am not knocking being busy though. This too has its own glory and you have to find that too. When you do you are set free from the slavery, the drudgery of self. I read somewhere (OK it was women’s realm that I take on subscription and can recite including the adverts) that when you find the sense of calm in the middle of no matter what, you can truly fly. I like that.

So to today, to Saturday arriving, to sailing the storms with an enriched soul, to facing life with a sense of calm.

Mucho love!