And in the end, in the very end, right at the end of the end, when you strip it all right back to the point where there is nothing left to strip back – what have you got? 

I love those Shakespeare plays full of Kingly bustle where the fight for freedom, or an empire, or love or even sanity is played out before your very eyes and you see their dignity, their very self, laid bare before your very wide eyes that simply cannot turn away. And as you see this undignified stripping happen in hours before you, you see this basic question thrown at the main part – what have you got?

It is this very act, this huge and brave act of seeing what is really left over that we would all benefit from. Robert in OAH has this moment and you will find there are many moments when you assume he will never have to face himself. I had this conversation this week  when someone was saying to me the bad ones will get their time, and I said why? She said it was destiny. We can all but hope. I have no control though over idiots who rule their roost with threats and violence. I only have control over me. So – take the time. See where you are. Build. The world needs you.

Love, peace and milky bars,