When did you last laugh so much that you wet your pants? The answer here could acceptably be never but many of you will have a yes you have – but when last did you do this? When did you last laugh so hard that tears filled your eyes, snot (yes snot) escaped out of your nostrils, breathing was hard to capture as your insides ached from the pure, unadulterated joy, that had taken over your body and then, and you really couldn’t help it, you wet your pants.

A marvellous thing. Do it. In fact, do it now. That’s right, let the wee get to that point – you know – the last point where you have control, and then, just for a moment, let it go. There. Doesn’t that feel great………..

I suggest at this point that not doing this when you are far away from home is for the best. For instance just before a job interview may not be the best of ideas. If you did do the wee thing and did not read this next paragraph first, then I apologise. Sorry. Really I am. 

I have mostly laughed so hard that I may or may not have allowed this liquid escape when with my brother. He has always had the ability to be so absolutely absurd and ridiculous, that I simply couldn’t help it. I call that a gift. Others might call it an illness. He’s my brother and so I’m asking, for me, let’s call it a gift.

Anyway losing yourself in a good way is surely the most fabulous of reasons to be cheerful. Whether or not you achieve the true heights of wet pants is immaterial. At least find people or situations where you can lose yourself in joy.