I am just waking up, well have been for the last 30 minutes, and outside my window the birds have decided it is springtime and are in full song. The weather last night indicated winter is arriving at last. I won’t tell the birds as they may down tools on the singing front which would never do.

In front of me a dull blue sky begins to appear over the rooftops as night gives way to day in the daily exchange of the night sky guard.

I was considering yesterday the choices we make when ‘Kendall is here’ on blip threw some interetsing thoughts my way. I say my way. To the world that reads her blip of which I am but one solitary follower, my notebook between my knees and mouth wide open, happy to receive the crumbs of goodness that fall into my open baby bird mouth. I say baby bird….. of course my mouth is possibly much bigger. Maybe more akin to a big bird such as the big yellow chap on Sesame Street. Nonetheless, you get the picture.

Anyhow, our world is changing. A myriad of oportunities to fill our brains rest before us and this was the point KIH was making. They do! IT in its many forms, TV, radio, and so on. And what about the peace, the quiet, the time to find the inner voice of reason, the one that helps us find out who we are and makes us all the richer for it? That voice is there. It remains. Today I will make extra efforts to talk with it.

Have a fine day. Keep that mouth open.