The sea was out so far that I could hardly make out
where it parted with the sky.
They had made an unspoken pact
and joined together into a beautiful blue canvas
 that was now stretched before my eyes.
The sun looked down through the veil of clouds,
its rays gently dancing in the ripples of water
 that the sea had left behind.
I was entranced, lost in a moment of time.
I looked across at shining rocks and glistening shells,
which were as beautiful as any treasure.
Different colours attracted my eyes,
each vying for worthy attention.
The wind gently touched my cheeks and caught my hair,
caressing me with soft hands
and making me feel warm and safe.
I looked back to my brother.
His interest had been taken up by over full rock pools
that would amuse him for hours.
I was torn between returning to him and being at his side
or walking on and following the path the sea had taken.
I turned and went forward.
The sand, still wet from the retreating sea, was untouched.
Every step I took with my bare feet created an impression.
It was my feet making the mark,
this sand that was letting me be unique.
As I approached the sea its call greeted me,
each small wave letting me know that all was well.
By now the sand was very wet
and the warmth of the beach was lost to the ocean.
The chill sent a fresh feeling of excitement through my body
as I reached the water.
I tentatively walked in, allowing the sea to cover my ankles.
‘Are you OK?’ asked my brother as he reached my side
I turned to him, smiled and nodded.
I had found a little bit more of myself.
It was a moment in time I would never forget,
a precise point that was all mine.