I do so love a good trip. Most trips of any kind to be precise. Even as a youngster when the Sunday School outing lay before me like a day that would take 7 years to complete, I even loved those trips. Especially when one of my not so good friends, a young rival with better hair but worse dress sense, got caught shop lifting and had to walk back to the bus in a severe walk of shame. Hilarious. Is me sharing that memory that bad of me? Probably. Should I start the blog again? Possibly. Sod it. 

So, trips. Love em. Skeggy, Paris, Lincoln, New York, London, The Peaks, The Dales, the park, the shops (including Tesco Express), Padley Gorge (take note CC), The Square. Trips. Love em.

In my normal day, wherever possible, I will add a trip. Normally due to time constraints it is far from glamorous but I find a trip lifts me out of my day and helps me keep a perspective, a balance, a joy. And that, dear friends, the joy inside your heart, is what you must seek to preserve at all costs, for what are we if our inner calm is shred by the pressures of our day. Such a thing destroys.

I find my trips, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, keep me, and indeed remind me of the need, to stay close to my inner joy. Costa coffee, the park, The Old Library, a sandwich shop, a shop, a run, a quick tennis game, WHATEVER! just do the trip. 

Today my dear mother and I am going to Birmingham to see The Snowman. Lunch, a meander around a few shops, the theatre, twinkly lights, and me with my mother all to myself. A fine trip sits before me.

Enjoy your trip. And don’t shoplift.

Have a fine day.