Good evening all,

How the devil are you? Well, I hope. Still taking the tablets? Good. Then i’ll begin.

Today I was in the big smoke (Old London Town) and I got to see the fine capital of ours from the highest vantage point currently available – E14 – Level 50. It is amazing seeing mankind from that height. Everything is shrunken down – even the skyscrapers – and planes go on their journey up above but not like that high that they appear too far away as they do from ground level. I have to say I have simply never been that high in the UK and the effect was pretty awesome. London and the many many miles around looked remarkably flat and the Thames looks the most menacing it has ever looked to me from the highest of heights above. I was left thinking afterwards about the many people over mankind history who have built so high to become gods only to find they are the same people just higher up and more vulnerable than ever! One of our kind hosts told us that on even slight windy days the building moves and you feel it. Of course if he lived in Mansfield in an area infected with mining subsidence he could have had the feeling in a two bedroomed bedsit without going to the expense of building a colossal tower….

Later in the day after more meetings I was left on my own to travel back up to the East Midlands upon a train, possibly my favourite mode of transport, and there I was lost in the glory of the telegraph lines as they tracked our journey, the sun high in the mid May sky, my heart up there with it as joy began to spread through me. A huge day of meetings done and me left with my thoughts on a train that seemed to be carrying just me. I wonder if to have those feelings of deep joy we must also experience those feelings of deep pressure? Maybe there is something in that. I think so. Anyhow, there I am, my smiling face lost to the outside world and my thoughts wandering to the sound of the journey. A good place to be. 

Earlier in the day when I had arrived in the big smoke with my good pal M, we queued to get on the tube and, with the clock ticking, we took the plunge on the third Northern line train that had come and gone to squeeze on board. I literally threw myself in by the doors and as they zipped closed I swear they took a layer off my fine new suit……. This was not a good place to be……

Life is this. A mix of beast and beauty and my best advice from today – endure the beast knowing that beauty will come.

I am, as ever, in your debt.

Much love and iced buns coming your way,