Morning Campers!

How’s your week gone? Busy, quiet, on the edge, over the edge, behind the edge?

I have been all over the country doing lots of busy things and even on occasion making some progress! I now get to Saturday (earlier than most courtesy of MCC) and am ready to party hard (sleep & eat chocolate) (milky bar).

My business is involved heavily in the world of finance and so you can imagine it has not been the best of weeks with crisis after crisis on the various markets leading to another set of crisis! You would think after all these years of crisis starting when mankind began and Adam said to Eve ‘You can have this apple if you swap it with this here snake’ that we would have grown more used to crisis situations. Instead we seem to revel in them, have elections on the back of them , and therefore lurch into fresh depths that then look to engulf us. Other than that the week was quite splendid! I even managed to get a few blogs out and that always lifts the spirits!

I wonder whether the perpetual state of huge issues that are constantly brought to our doors by the newspapers, radios and TVs we all enjoy are helpful? I am constantly amazed by the lack of balance in our news on TV and radio. Invariably we concentrate on the bad, the nearly bad or the could go bad! The token good news story on the end of the programme is there for what. A token effort and therefore it has a token effect. Newspapers are better here in the UK with some amusing anecdotes along the way. I read the Guardian and there is an hilarious cartoonist called Steve Bell that makes me chuckle. Chuckling is good. It gives us balance. That’s why the news should be enforced to carry a comedian slot…… Imagine!

Last night CC went out with pals leaving MCC & I in to shoot the breeze. After biff baff time and bottle and sleep (interrupted by the pizza man bringing pizza for my older son and his dear girlfriend – obv the pizza man was knocking on the door & ringing the bell & I had a baby just asleep who then woke up as BB ((Big Ben) was obviously doing whatever upstairs so I had to get the door causing MCC to get rather upset etc – you get the picture) I made some marvellous tea. A spaghetti al dente with a slight tomato sauce with garlic and selected veg (the veg about to go out of date and needed using selection) and was just going to sit down at last (after the long week etc) when the doorbell rang again. I shouted up to BB about the sodding  nice pizza man being here again and he shouted back don’t be so bloody that dear fellow is ridiculous. So I placed my dinner on the stairs (steam leaving it and therefore heat too….) and answered the door to be faced with the cutest of old ladies collecting for Christian Aid! ‘Did I have the brochure she had placed through the door’ she asked me immediately and therefore sending me into a hunting frenzy with the post that lay piled from the week on the hall table. ‘No,’ I replied hopelessly, sending a glance towards my dinner and then back to the old lady who was sheltering under an umbrella as it was throwing it down.  

‘Don’t worry,’ she said and I replied I was worried and could I help and then we started to chat and I did help, and she was sooooooo lovely and it was soooooo cold and she was soooooo cute and I forgot about my dinner and we chatted about the area and then she went and I collected my dinner and sat down at last and……….. my dinner was still piping hot! 

Sometimes the things we fear never happen. Today – live in the moment. You deserve it.

BIG HUGE love and kisses.