Of late I have been following quite a few people I admire on their journey’s of thought. The act, if you will, of weighing up where one is and where one is going, and in doing this seeing the things along the way that have been helpful and that you want to take on the next bit with you. It is a sobering journey and one you cannot do whilst in the middle of your busy life as this blurs the edges of the clarity of thought you need to achieve.

The act of waiting, of physically allowing time to bear that soft burden upon you of stopping for awhile, is a spiritual thing. I am happy for it as it gives me the gift of perspective, without which I react with haste and with error, something I have done far too often. I wonder, looking out at the snow painted front garden, whether this act of winter triggers these thoughts in the mind? It probably helps.

In the middle of this luxury of time of thought, my dear brother in law had a car accident yesterday morning. He is fine other than nasty bruises, but the car is a write off and he really was incredibly lucky. I am reminded of the transient life we lead and that with every breath I should truly live. 

I listen to Nick Drake as I write from the ridiculously beautiful Pink Moon album. If ever there was an underlining of all the words above – this man and this album is it. To write such beauty and yet suffer such pain. Incredible.

This year is one of immense opportunity. It also comes with some milestones for me. OAH will be published and my son will reach 21. Fine moments in time to be treasured. 

To you – treasure your moments.

Have a fine weekend.