Morning Campers!

I had quite a trip down Memory Lane yesterday which I won’t go into now as it well documented on my Blip Foto site under my journal ‘Smile Like a Rabbit.’ Sufficient to say it was amazing to stand back in a space last visited years ago and whisper the names of the past. 

I was reminded of an amazing story last week about around a Clairvoyant who foretold the future exactly. I also got round to watching a Clint Eastwood film called Hereafter which touched on the same thing – communication with something unseen, something deeper. 

Now I know, as regular readers will know, very little about life. I am trying to find my way. But when something whispers across me, moves me, makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up in a good way – well then I am interested. 

My upbringing frowned on even considering spiritual things outside of our comfort zone. There was one way only. As I have gotten older and seen more of life, the raw beauty and the absolute terror that exist in the same day on the same street, then I have asked new questions and, I hope, gotten deeper understanding for myself.

And what have I learnt, what depth truly have I obtained? Well, mainly this. Man is an island. You are on your own. But around you is a true labyrinth of mystical paths that can lead to you never being alone at all. This world is ancient and we are here in this journey but for a short time. My only splice of knowledge therefore I pass on this morning is this; pause a while and seek the depths that are all around you, look at the stars, watch the ocean, consider the flower buds, smell the coffee, watch your own hands move, listen to the wind, delve into the senses and find your path.

Other than that eat chocolate.

Big kisses.