Social media has gone ape around the smallish tiny minuscule margin that the English overpaid football boys delivered to the part time Maltese team who have only just been beaten 5-1 by the Scots @ home. I think this criticism pouring in quicker than the tiny leak in the Titanic after a spot of iceberg trouble is unkind to the fellas in question. I mean, and let’s face it, driving those high performance sports cars that they own by the bucket load takes maximum concentration and these reviews after what was after all a victory, could cause their minds to wander. 

The first half was pretty OK. Admitted Rooney was three sheets short of a lasagne and Walcott found every blind corner to run into as though it was an art form. Also Walker looked more like Private Walker from Dad’s Army than the Spurs and England right back and Sturridge was as he always is, playing for Sturridge FC. He did score a fine header but I would rather watch my 79 year old mother than him sloping around the field like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Other than that, we looked OK. OK…?! We were playing Malta for gods sake @ Wembley!!!!!! 

Then came the second half. Gareth suggested afterwards that the players were protecting themselves as they knew the game was won. They were shite. I would rather the manager had simply said ‘you know what, we were pretty poor.’ The term ‘halfwit’ was created for most of the English team who took to the field of play in the second half. Private Walker had said in an interview this week that the players in the Euros hadn’t had a Plan B to put into play but they’d learnt their lesson. I think not. Jo Hart would have been more effective up front than the nincompoops we had up there. I love how every stupid England manager plays slothful Rooney rather than players like Vardy. Even that goal scoring machine Mr Rashford was left on the bench until the final 20 minutes. Our team selection alone is crap. We pick players who simply aren’t good enough and who cannot create a team. Then we fail. It was that bad that I couldn’t help but ask myself what would Big Sam have done? 

All I ask for as a fan is passion. I want to see the burning desire and heat of battle showing through the English players pumping veins. I want to see the lion roar! At the moment I’m watching footballers playing a to b football and its as boring and uninspiring as it’s possible to be. For the record I like Gareth Southgate and hope he is a tremendous success but, and here’s the rub, is he really going to risk being his own man when ultimately he knows the job may be only 4 games long and he wants his old job back? His team selection for Tuesday’s game will tell us all we need to know. 

Malta. Great place for a holiday. 

Unbelievable Jim.