Last night, whilst stretched out on the comfy chair that swings round in front of the stereo with the leg rest thing that also swings round, I was listening to a mixture of Bhuda Bar and the dishwasher (it’s the new drum&bass – you should try it) when I decided a late night blip was the thing to do on my phone. This is tortuous on varying accounts, not least of which due to the minute screen for seeing a whole blog. The spell check process at the end is equivalent to looking for a needle in a haystack. Still I did it, pressed to add a photo, hit the wrong button and lost the whole thing. I went to bed instead.  

It got me to thinking whilst lying in bed and not sleeping about the things in life that we do so much for and then they get away form us – for whatever reason – and there is no way of reclaiming it in its original form. It is gone! How many times have you heard you friend tell you about them pressing the wrong button on their digital camera and the photo selection was wiped, or the word document that had taken 16 weeks to write was suddenly lost in the big great bin that is IT mystery world. 

I guess I am reminded to live in the moment, in the now, because that is what I have to hand, the thing I can most enjoy and love and live in. It is my heaven, my peace, my place and my immediacy. It will go, become a memory that I will forget and it will fade, but right here and now it is here and alive in me.

I have a flurry of activity to update you as regards OAH. The publisher sent me several emails yesterday relating to checking this that and the other so things are moving now at pace. We remain on course for an early July out date so you could yet be reading OAH on your holidays! Book launch remains on course too for those of you near me and I hope to have more details soon.

For your care and interest n my projects I thank you from the bottom of the bottom of my heart.

Peace, love and understanding.