Morning Campers.

First of all Laura Marling – genius. If you’ve not listened to this song – do download it now! After watching a documentary on Somalia last night the message behind the song was bang on the money and it just kind of connected in my mind. I woke up with the connection and thought it best to replay it here now!
Second of all I re-visited The National this morning. One of the finest bands ever. ‘High Violet’ for me is as good as it gets. I mean, listen to ‘Sorrow’ and tell me you can still do something else! Outstanding.

Third of all I keep going on Teenage Fanclub’s website and they are not touring. This must change! Please do bombard them with your thoughts on this too. Life needs enrichment and this is what the Fannies do.

Fourth of all ‘Babe Ruth.’ The first thing I should point out is the guy’s hair. Such hair! Load’s of it. Big hair. Wild too. Then I would recommend you visit his obscure album. A mixture of disco and rhythm that just titillates the soul….

Fifth of all and for some reason unknown to me I had missed out on hearing Dean Martin sing ‘How do you speak to an angel.’ The fine BBC6 put that right for me the other week. Please don’t miss out anymore. The song melts the very core of me and more to the point your other half were you wishing to get jiggy…..

Finally today in the UK is a bank holiday and it is also my good pal Bill’s birthday. Bill makes me feel happy and together we can talk about all matters and easily melt from serious to fun. He is one of life’s good guys and I am lucky to count him as a friend. Happy birthday Bill. Keep taking the tablets and see you at the tennis court in a few hours.

May your day be full of excitement including the rush of laughter as it melts away your issues.

Peace, love and understanding plus champagne!