Evening Campers. Just eating chocolate between various jobs so am using this calorific time to muse. I do like to muse. Takes me out of my work zone and into my life zone. And as I enter said zone I wonder of the eternal pursuit between happiness and contentment and success. The 3 are surely connected but at the same time are they always possible? You see I, like many of you, work very hard and this brings me much contentment but not necessarily as much happiness. Equally I could have a fine week of holidaying in North Cornwall say, and have much contentment and happiness but my business suffer. 

Did someone once underline that you cannot have it all? There are those fine moments though, those crystal clear moments when you dust the angel powder from your brow and you know that it simply cannot be or get any better. This just cannot be the norm. It is not all life. It is part of life and for that we can be grateful.

The other side can be just very hard work, my day today being an example of this, of many issues that needed dealing with at work and will do so for the next few hours, and whilst the team around me have or are going home for their well earned tea (kippers maybe), I eat my favourite calorific chocolate bar – picnic – to drive me onwards. A fine looking banana waits in the wings to complete my gourmet pit stop. BBC6 is helping too with Mr Lamacq banging out some fine tunes, the Libertines now in full voice. I may be working hard but in an office with just a few of us left I can lift the volume knob!

I know too that many things are within my control but many others are not. That ultimately in business as in life all I can do is make my best judgement call at the time and hope this is right and enough. 

With that I smile and wish you fine people a good night. I will be home soon enough to arms that love me and more calories.