When the news that the earth actually moves was first mooted the penalty was death. Actually the penalty was torture than death. You had your knowledge in those dark days of the middle centuries and you kept it to yourself or lose your head – they were hardly the days of enlightenment. 

And yet spin forward to our envisioned 21st Century and how far have we come? In our great world of freedom and vision we are unable to stop a people being slaughtered by it’s so called leaders, we can do nothing about the world’s largest democracy being a mammon led state, we cannot stop the escalating cost of heat and so we see millions die, we cannot feed our children we cannot stop the murder of the innocents.

And yet through it all the world still moves. It won’t stop. It didn’t stop when they decided they would kill me for mentioning it and it won’t stop as they decide to kill me for talking of inequality. No, the world, our beautiful blue and green world still turns inexorably on its axis of life.

To this sweet miracle I salute you all and wish you the most precious of Sunday’s.

Big huge kisses!