And so it begins…..

Started the new book ‘The Conversation’ this morning. It’s a funny thing really, an idea that has been sitting in my brain for many years ago now starts its journey from my head to the typed pages of my Mac Book and we are off! I have the main characters, the setting for the story, and how it will develop. I am pretty sure how it will end too, though all of this could be open for change! This is the beauty of pre print.

When I went to see my publisher and finally hand over the full and final version of On Ashover Hill (OAH) it was difficult because now there is no going back. In that respect though this closing of a chapter and moving on is pretty like real life and I am excited to be getting the one book out there with 2 more to now work on and have follow up.

The Birthday Gift (TBG) is almost there. 90,000 words in and now due the first full rewrite. That will get it to a much nearer stage of completion and I can then write the ending. Somehow something is stopping me do that. I feel a need to wait for the right time to do this and when the time comes, I will know. There is a piece for this jigsaw that is waiting for me to find so I better get looking as I hope to have TBG out for next Easter / Summer. 

The Conversation (TC) will therefore be scheduled for Summer ish 2014. 

Finally I am now actively thinking about the next book. Ideas need to germinate and this takes, for me, a long time. It is part of the process that I love, allowing a book idea to just sit there in my brain and find its own voice. When it truly starts talking to me then I know it is time to get it written. TC started talking this morning.

Thankyou so much for taking the time to be interested in the work I am doing. I can only say I am thrilled and grateful to have you on board.

From a sunny North Cornwall morning with my baby now desperately trying to get her hands on this keyboard, I send you my kindest thoughts!