Yesterday and today I am in planning meetings with my business and it is taking up much brain space. Too much. I feel if I could I would take a hoover to my brain and get it all out! My words await and call to me like a lover who needs me.

Yesterday due to MCC waking me up even earlier than today I was able to lose myself in TBG and it felt so marvellous. I know I have not told you much about the next book in these pages but it is all to come! I can tell you I was writing in Russia yesterday, just out of St Petersburg in the country. It was some time after WW2 and futures were being decided on a warm and pleasant summers eve…….

Life, of course, is about choices. You make them and pretty much have to then live with them. You can happily make new choices to affect old choices, but it will never change the fact that you made the original choices in the 1st place!! Circle and vicious anyone!

Choices then lead you to time filled and then you have that thing called life happen before your very eyes. Welcome to my world! Welcome to yours too! The thing is that no matter what path we take, we can still make choices. I have been known to be a little hasty with some of my choices….. I hope I have learnt (am learning) to take a little bit more time. However I remain committed to making choices that ultimately will release me, not entangle me.

I write this morning then for freedom, for the clarion call of the right for my soul to fly wherever it pleases and to sing a song of choice.  

Yes – I will live well and live strong on that.

Have a fine day and remember to smile banally on the hour, every hour.