Morning Campers. It was late last night after I had watched the excellent Welfare Mothers play Neil Young tunes up at The Captain Cook, that I fell down the hill only to find my young soon to be five year old still clinging on to being awake! At least, I naively thought, a good nights kip would follow. Five and half hours later and yes, you’ve guessed it, she’s awake and keen to be up and at it! 

When I wrote The Birthday Gift one often repeated comment was ‘where do you find the time?’ Well here is one very good example of finding time – get a small child. Their activity and their need to be alive actually feeds you and you find more of your hours are both awake (I know and trust me i’d rather be asleep right now) and, if you let them, creative. 

I have a busy day job as many of you know in finance and it would be easy for this to stifle me and take up my every moment. This week for example I’ve been at my computer each morning at 6 at work. It certainly does take its toll and for the last few years has meant I’ve been able to find the concerted time to write my next book. It’s enormously frustrating as a writer to be unable to find the time to then find the head space to do what I feel I’m here to do! However, and here’s the crucial point, I view my time as both professionally important, and then artistically filling my library. 

The first point of dealing mentally with a busy professional life is that you are able to grasp a truth that what you do truly matters is therefore very important. It gives you purpose to those hard yards and makes your hours at that burning candle worthwhile. If you don’t have that then it really is time to move jobs!

Secondly I view each day an opportunity to find another book for my library of ideas for future books. Each experience I can encounter, each person I can meet, each piece of information I can devour, well all of it can sit in my head and then be replayed in some form in my writings. This way round all my effort is useful time, creative moments, and rather than me viewing my lack of time for writing a new book as a tragedy, I can my view my days as valuable time gathering life experience. 

It doesn’t mean I would not value some more sleep!

She’s five tomorrow and she is my little treasure.

Have a fine Sunday.