Last night, as you know, I was moved by events abroad and one aspect of this was the physical affects on a person I admire – the actual health side effects of standing up and being counted and what this can cost a person. And it does – cost that is. And I am rather speechless about this. You see it costs me a lot to be the man I need to be in my relationships, my business, my social life. But all this cost is to my advantage. I get something out of it. To give though for a cause, to the nth degree that it actually costs me my health even though I gain nothing personally – that is selfless.

How could I, insulated, self absorbed, little me, ever master the art of being serious to the extent that I could ever do anything quite so amazing. This is a rare goal and one I must ponder on some more.

Here’s a few words to contemplete on:

In all i am a baby
for i look at the world
and know it is too big for me 
to ever contemplate fully

And yet i am a baby
and i look with hungry eyes
to squeeze the day
for all i can

And i will not be lost
for i have a hopeful soul
that those who care for me
will love and protect me