This week has been spent in the majestic Port Isaac, North Cornwall. I love this place. Have been coming for 28 years and this week came back for the first time with my whole family since 27 years ago! Poignant and fine. 

I write this overlooking the bay, Port Isaac Bay, which is just so divine. Blues dance lazily off the sea whilst boats work their way across the water in fine lines, the sun easily reflecting its warmth across all who care to look in its direction.

It is an amazing thing that 28 years ago my brother and I stumbled across this place setting up a lifetime love affair and happened to have 2 weeks of such unrelenting heat and fun that we simply assumed Cornwall was heaven on earth. We would bathe in the cove below and eat a picnic made everyday by our dear landlady, Tammy. I became very aware of some fine German tourists (young ladies who insisted kindly on sunbathing topless) and insisted we bathe there as often as they did. The blues of the bay, the clarity of the sea, the all encompassing beauty of the whole experience was just so impressing on me, a young man.

And now, a middle aged man, with my family and my sisters and brother with their families, and mum and dad, we return and do what I love to do, we reflect, aided by the beauty of all that surrounds me. Life is often not easy. There is much to deal with and cope with. Time surrounded by what matters to you is tonic indeed and ‘a merry heart does good like a medicine.’

Yesterday CC and I went for a coastal walk that was particularly arduous in parts but rewarding, and up their, high on the cliffs and away from everything, I stretched out my arms and let the wind blow through my hair and I shouted out for life! (for the record I also did my fine impressions of seals and whales). Lunch over Port Quin was particularly delightful and the sun blessed us with its warmth. Later, on Polzeath beach, we wandered around the sun drenched sand and ventured into the sea, its ice cold water gently warming up as my feet acclimatized to its temperature. And in a nutshell that is what I am trying to learn, that life can be better lived if I grow into it, allow myself to acclimatise to all that sits around me.

Time is such a precious commodity, the time in particular to find the head space to be able to just write and reflect. I have been able to find such time this week and of course written more blogs in a week than I have ever done before. Thankyou for reading them.