Good evening Campers!

First of all thankyou for making this weekend’s blips the most read ever! The site has just gone from strength to strength purely in your reading it and your input – not from my writing clearly! I can say I enjoy each visit I make to the site to join you in my meanderings. Sharing OAH is a joy and adding the photos which you may have noted have not always been an every blog addition. They are now!

Street Life. Imagine. All you have is there – on the street. I have been watching a drama series called ‘The Bridge’ from Sweden and several things have struck me. The main point was the play around street people and the idiotic ideal we, who have, have of those who do not have. Street life is grim. Pure and simple. I find my self asking what I do and the answer is painfully little, lost in my own self bubble of have that is tarnished with an built view that those who do not have somehow had a choice. Of course we all have some choices, but some, and this is the the truth, have far fewer chances to even have a voice, never mind a choice.

CC and I have been watching a fair few Scandinavian drama’s over the last few years and whilst I do not wish to make sweeping statements I do find the ones that I have watched to often be so refreshing. No easy story line and no cheap thrill of an ending, just pure scrape and grind leaving the viewer with nowhere to hide. This is life and whilst i have no issue with escapism I do prefer my drama as realistic as this. It has left me asking a question of do our drama’s reflect in many ways our nations that we live in? Do our TV programme’s do the same? Getting worrying now isn’t it! Here in the UK we have so many reality TV series that by their very nature are so far removed from reality to make the very genre seem ludicrous. 

I feel this night a little thoughtful. It is a good place to be. I stand back, thankful for my lot, keen to reach a new depth. It is not too much to say that my next day needs me to desire more truth in my life. I strive for this.

Huge kisses with a hint of cinnamon coming your way right now!