Today BBC 6 radio have been celebrating the might that is Bandwagonesque – the album from Teenage Fanclub released just over 20 years ago. It stands the test of time. If someone can come up with a better song than The Concept – well – you get the drift. I took a moment this afternoon when it came on to let it drift through me. Timeless. Uplifting. Wondrous. I feel better for having heard it and that is more than enough.

OAH is written over 103 years from 1943 through to 2046 so time is a key player in the narrative. To see the passing of time unfold on the pages before me was quite something. My hope is that my book will stand the test of time and be relevant now and into the future. It is a big ask but a fine aspiration.

I love albums. Somehow the immediacy of the i-player – something I love by the way – strips away the true intensity of a full album. Think Classic FM v BBC radio 3 – for my overseas readers Classic FM plays relatively well known items of classical music as opposed to radio 3 that plays full pieces. The immediacy of the one is the attraction, but I imagine the great composers did not write a masterpiece to have the nice 3 minute mid section ripped out and played on its own.

Imagine the same in the books, that what is replayed regularly is the three opening paragraphs from Chapter 9, leaving the rest if the book virtually undiscovered. It would be a nonsense. 

To go back to a whole record of songs recorded over 20 years ago and find them still able to hit the back of the head with relevance of music and emotion is a rare treat.

To Teenage Fanclub – I salute you. I have been listening to this band all these years. I have had the rare privilege to see them live and, if push came to shove and I could have only one album on my desert island – it would be one of yours. I will leave you, my fine blog friends who know the band, to guess which one.

Time – our great friend for the fact that every second she gives us allows us one more moment to breathe in life.