Good morning all and a special mention to all mothers – Happy Mothers Day! Without you – we would not be here!  

In a week when I wrote about calm, things have shot by at the speed of sound with a full on week that had 28,000 things to do, read about, take in and act upon. Through it all did I remember to stop and smell the air? I did. Not as much as I should have though. Note to self – stop and smell the air more. 

It seems at the moment there is lots of news around me reminding me of my finite existence. What effect does this have on my persona? How am I encouraged to take my next steps? A lot of what we do of course is already dictated to us by the life responsibilities we hold. I used to think rebellion was the thing to aspire to but now I see a world in which I can live to the full expectation of the responsibilities I have, whilst at the same time living at the edge of who I am as an artist. The two worlds, rather than being juxtaposed in an incoherent and incompatible manner, are in fact totally compatible. I am happier for finding this truth for me.

In OAH which has just had its final readings before we go to publication in the next few months (yes I know – SOOOOOO exciting and much more to come on this in future blogs of course) there is so much around the characters and trying to vie with this very difficult thought of how to deal with just what is in front of you. For some of course there is an option to switch out and switch on. I have no problem with that either. What works for you, that is the kiddy.

I read once in a chill out vibe of a hotel in Palma, Mallorca (Hotel Puro) the following:

‘Pointing directions 
from sidepocket drivers
losing your focus
from others conclusions.
Your life is your life, others their own,
Nothing is right or wrong
it is just different.’

Big kisses to all,