“In the absence of all else, then the only answer is the improbable is the most likely.”

Mind, body, virtual. It doesn’t really matter what kind of space you are given, the simple fact is that it allows you to have the luxury of time. My football legs may be heavier than they were, but give me space and I can still create in a better way than without it. It is with this improbable thought, that space can allow creativity to flourish at its very best.

With that in mind, CC, MCC & I went to the Eden Project in Cornwall today. Now 10 year old and if you were ever in any doubt as to what a set of brilliant minds can create, then go here. I was sold in the incredible Mediterranean bubble, but then I went into the rainforest bubble, lost several pounds and came out all the richer for it.

I know very little of life in all its intoxicating array of colour, but I do know the power of depth when I see it, and today, I saw it in abundance. These creators took a disused clay quarry that was a whole big space, and they turned it into a rainforest – now tell me that is not the most incredible journey from the most normal to the most unlikely of endings. 

Cornwall has a habit of biting you and making you think. Is it the sky, the sea, the Celtic flow of blood that has fallen into this earth? I know not. But it bites me and makes me want to live more than I was before I came.

I like that.