10 Albums that changed my life

Songs from Northern Britain by Teenage Fanclub

My ninth choice. In 1997 when Oasis were imploding in ‘Be Here Now’ and Radiohead were setting the bar as high as high could be with ‘OK Computer,’ Teenage Fanclub steered their own way with this delicious record.

This is my penultimate choice and it contains many of the most wonderful TFC tracks including ‘Start Again’ ‘Speed of Light’ and the all conquering ‘I don’t want control of you.’

I listened to the album on repeat at some difficult times in my life in the 90’s & noughties and it was my close friend. How can it be that a record written by three people that you don’t know can arrive just when you need it and it help you?!

Teenage Fanclub have continued to produce songs of great beauty, heartache and romance. Their soaring harmonies and tunes are a perfect foil to so much money and bluster that seeks to fill our music speakers.

In a world too of outrage, I choose to believe in records like this.