Good evening. Trust your weekend has been a good one. 

I am fascinated by schism, the act, and it is very much an act, of one pulling away from a set of people you have over many years seen to be the same as. It is more normally than not a term used to refer to a religious sect of some sort and this is my concentration tonight. The effect is often one of devastation, the feelings of betrayal and heartache being overriding and a lifetime is almost certainly too short a time for many to get over it. I speak from personal experience.

One reaches the point of no return almost by accident. It rarely follows the perfect place for separation which would be when both parties agree. No, normally one party in the negotiations, if indeed there are any negotiations, decides they have had enough and an end is called and sadness reigns from the throne of no more.

The UK is as good a place as any to talk about this subject with religion apparently being on the way out and yet if peppers every corner, adorns our media, sees our way into this life and follows us out. And as much as we might fight the view that God is less important that he / she used to be, we can but be certain that God is unmoved. I rather like the fact that we humans flounder in our way whilst the Almighty watches and waits. But waits for what? This often is the cause of the schism with one party seeing a view of their God that is at odds with the view of the other and yet this God – is this God divided? I think not. Has each religion managed to hear God’s voice clearly? Well, what is clear? 

My heart is moved by the selfless few who give of themselves for want of nothing. You will know of these people. They probably hold normal jobs, do normal things, melt somewhat into the designer wallpaper that would seek to highlight them and yet, and so gloriously yet, they see to it that they touch the lives of others in some way that is not ostentatious, does not declare its good works from the roof tops, but rather does not declare it all. These are the quiet ones. These are our lifeline to God.

Since leaving a Christian church many years ago I have found many of these people that I have to say I did not even know existed. I had allowed myself to believe that the god I believed in was the one true way when in fact I found the Church of Life outside those doors and their effect was humanity with humility. Let me stress I am not in any suggesting this could not be so in religion – it is! It was just that I found away from the trappings that dictate ones life to the nth degree, I found people who just did it anyway. 

You see with religion comes power and with power comes greed and with greed comes the fall of the Western world. You need look no further than today’s news for this. 

Tonight I call for the Church of the common man to stand tall and be free. I believe God’s arms are open to us all and that an exclusive club was never the deity’s idea – rather that of mankind’s doing, for in creating religion they created control. 

Live free and honour your neighbour. That way we can all prosper.

Peace, love and understanding.