CC & I went running tonight. Impressive, I know. It was 5 degrees at best, windy, pitch black and less than encouraging. We had a fine time. CC is now asleep with the exertion of it all and the small matter of MCC waking up 7 (seven) times last night. I think she just thought what the hell! Seven is as good a number as any. Well it’s not. Nil in this case is a better number.

So the running gig – we are doing a 10K together – got me to thinking how some things that just seem like they will be the most enormous hard work in the history of hard work, turn out to be just fine. And do you know what I came up with? Most things. For example I went to the largest Tesco’s in the world the other week to do the Christmas shopping with MCC in tow. On the way down I was having less than positive thoughts about the whole ‘expedition’, and given the size of this Tesco’s this word is quite apt, when I decided a giggle would be to be extra nice to everyone who would look at me. I figured it would make my exploration for the shopping more fun and I could look at MCC and exchange knowing glances. And the net effect? I almost enjoyed the experience. You need to understand that almost in this context of the whole of the town, I swear, being in the shop that morning, means that almost was a result I would never have thought possible. ‘Hello!’ I would say with a huge grin on my face to an unsuspecting old dear buying cereal, ‘Lovely day for it!’ I would express loudly to a couple in the cheese section, ‘Fine music!’ I exhaled to a young man in the stereo aisle, ‘Wonderful packing’ I said to the spotty youth at the checkout. How could I not smile?!

So, when next faced with what must be done, do it with a smile and vigour and you may just enjoy it. 

I’m now going for a rub down from Hobbes, my cat……