Evening all.

Do you ever get the feeling that so much of life, of what we do and have, is connected to choices made far away from us. Personally I can have no call over where I live, the family I am born into, the educational opportunities that my family can afford, the healthcare with which I can be protected, the place my lot starts off in. Add then to this mystical list the choices far away from me. Government, fiscal policy, overseas, the rich, nature and on it goes. Yes I am safe in the knowledge that so much of my existence has nothing at all to do with me. Therefore you watch documentaries or read magazines and you learn of other lives and you are painfully aware that so much of the choices that person has is so different to the choices sat right before you. For example how many people in our world would be willing to lose an actual limb just to have the ability to have the freedom of speech with which I now write? It is humbling, scary and beyond thought provoking. Roll a dice son, you might just live or die.
I work each day in finance and given the world has currently lost control of various indices that are used to value international wealth it seems even the great are powerless. Or are they? You see there is a great lesson in life that no matter what play you think you are watching, there is almost certainty at least one other play in play behind the scenes. Add to that at least 5,000 other plays and you are probably still a million miles off the games being played in the financial markets at the moment and the best bit? Well our very livelihoods, our pensions and savings, are linked to this lottery that we have no control over whatsoever! If this sounds rather like I am talking about oil I could well be couldn’t I! You see anything that is huge and that humanity needs, is held hostage it seems over us if, and this is the rub, if mankind can control it! That my dear blog friends is the definition of out and out greed and in my profession and in your lives I would suggest we see it as plain as night and day and have it rubbed quite deliberately right across our faces. It is a take full of sound and fury and unlike Macbeth it signifies everything!

It is therefore quite comforting to note that despite mankind’s best intentions, there remains many things out of his remit. This is fine news and we should therefore truly celebrate all that is unique about our world; our love, our sunshine, our nature, our ocean, our planet’s unbelievable ability to continue to withstand the bombardment of mankind, because it can.

Roll a dice.