Good morning. I was reading this morning about calm. An interesting concept in the middle of our busy lives. Am interested in both the concept of calm and the idea that busy lives is bad and somehow incompatible with the other. Why should this be?

It is amusing to think too that there is an assumption that now we are so much busier than previous generations? We do presume so much don’t we! I suspect through the ages there have been many ‘busy’ folk filling their time with a myriad number of things and they too forgot the fine concept of calm. Rolig. 

Someone said on a programme I was watching that ‘meditation is the concentration by the front of the brain on one thing so hard that it leaves the rest of the mind free to take a breather.’ Sounds like far too hard work to me! And there in lies the rub – we aim for calm but often the journey to get there is not an easy one. To lay down the things that are eating us up in order that you can arrive at your oasis of calm and rest a wee while is harder than it sounds.

For me running or sport in general really helps. Music too. Friends and family also. Blip and other interests. My dear CC and MCC the most. None of them can make my problems go away but they do provide me with a context to place my problems in and a space to work them out as best I can. 

So today I arise to face a new day full of whatever comes my way. Hopefully a little more down lives journey of knowing, safe in the knowledge that I will most certainly mess up, but hopeful.

Big hugs all round then.