Some time ago I decided I must get fit. So I ran. I started and knew after a few hundred yards that I was about to die. But I kept running. Further on I knew I must have died. But I kept running. A few miles on I was past caring. I kept running. Now, years on, I am still running. At least I would be if my left knee was not playing up, but you get the drift…….

I checked my work emails today. It is fair to say that there is much work to be done! And I wonder, this morning, what resolutions would help me. I was reminded of a fine Steve Job (RIP) quote to keep dreaming. I think this is what resolutions are all about, namely to identify what and where you want to be and to put in place building blocks to help you get there.

So – will I make resolutions as I face a New Year – yes I will! I suggest you look at this too. Imagine you go on a journey but there are things you could do that could make it better, more enjoyable, easier even, or at least more bearable! This is a resolution. A stated desire to make your path brighter. Stronger.

As the sun breaks through outside my study window, and given the poor weather we have been having this is a fine omen, I am reminded that hope is the best friend I have. The great Martin Luther King reminded us above all else to keep hope alive. I will do by going into my New Year with resolutions to blast my indifference, my intolerances, my fears. I will aim high. I will hope.

To you and your hopes.

I salute you.