Ayup. How’s tricks?

First of all on the new landing site you can register you details now at www.anthonyscott.co.uk

The aim is to make this site much more interactive and firing out blogs instantly should you wish to receive them of course! We are also working on a few more surprises so will keep you posted.
As mentioned we hope to have this running next weekend in time for the book launch which is in Nottingham at the Broadway Cinema and media centre in Hockley on Tuesday July the 10th. Overseas friends have a perfect excuse!

I may also do a launch in Edinburgh in the Autumn so your thoughts please!

On to other matters and yesterday saw huge inspiration when by chance MCC and I stumbled across the gardens of the Bishops Palace in Southwell being open for the day. It was fabulous to roam around them as I have roamed around the outside for many, many years! These are historic buildings, the ruins of the old Palace being where Charles the 1st surrendered all those years ago. We wandered around, chatted to the good bishop, and lay on the lawn drinking sweet tea (MCC milk) and eating coffee and walnut cake!

I was reminded of the rich architecture of past that surrounds us all day without us even knowing. It is a rich truth and one that I hope can touch and guide me more.

May your day be splendid!