I am in Cornwall and after a long drive last night into the dark we awoke this morning to a view of the sea and the Bay and my favourite lighthouse in the world – Godrevy. All worthwhile. Maybe to get most things in life the tough walk does yield things to truly treasure? 

It is, I sense, a time for reflection. On Friday I can share that my publisher confirmed they are happy with the OAH manuscript. I am thrilled and now comes the march to get it together as I want it – the picture on the cover is ready. I am very excited, of course, and aim now for an early summer launch. You will be the first to know.

The streets of Cornwall’s little harbours now await me and I shall walk them with CC and MCC and consider life. 

Blips too await. 

On blip too this morning I read a quote posted by kendallishere as follows:

The sooner we ditch the idea that there is a universal prescription for protest, for protesters, for history, and for success and failure, the sooner we can start designing that success, and avoiding that failure, for as many people as possible.

The goal is not to suffer violence, but to resist it. The goal is to stop the violence of the state, without bringing it down upon yourself.

–Adam Rothstein.

You see huge things happen all the time. But little things do too. I aim to think on this.