Good morning campers and if, by chance, you are camping in the UK, you probably got extremely wet last night and possibly even had your tent blown away. At least by fate of happenstance you still have internet coverage to be able to read this blog…..
On Wednesday I was fortunate enough to go to Queens to watch this fine pre-Wimbledon tournament. Always a personal favourite event with an old antiquated club house surrounded by lush grass tennis courts that in turn are surrounded by old town housing with balconies spilling on to the view. Quite delicious really. I was delightfully entertained all day with copious amounts of champagne, Pimms and delightful food. I know – you are feeling for me. Then of course there was the tennis which was divine. Sadly with a mixture of a heavy cold, too much talking and the champagne, I lost my voice. Yes I know, the nation rejoices.

Anyway feeling rather downtrodden I caught a coffee yesterday in Costa only to reach the middle pages of The Guardian and be caught short by the site of fleeing townspeople in Sittwe, Burma, as they literally carry their most precious belongings to the hope of safety in order that they might avoid awful religious tensions in the town that have claimed many lives and are set to just escalate even further. A truly horrendous story and an awful photo to catch the horror of the scene.

How was I to feel when my eye caught a lady, her head held high and focussed, her body too thin, carrying more that I could carry. My eye dropped to her hand gripping on to a pot that looked like it was in silver, beaten all over in an egg shell effect. Probably her most precious item but also probably a water storage life saver. How was I to feel? My illness temporarily seemed far away. My thoughts of a regal day at tennis for a moment lost all their finery.

If we have choices in this world we should just be thankful. We cannot beat ourselves up for having choices. What we do with those choices though, and more to the point what we do with the time we use in using these choices, is the point. The world will keep turning whether or not that lady makes it. This is the shocking truth of life in a world we can never comprehend. At least though we should pause, for a moment at least, thinking on what could have been for us if we had been born in a different place or a different time. Understanding the worlds issues too and seeing where we can help is a good thing.

Someone once said to me that they did not read newspapers because it depressed them and I fully understand this point of view. However to at least dip in every now and again, to empathise with the issues your world faces, well that is a good thing as if you help, your help will be priceless.

Peace, love and more balls please.