Evening Campers!

Just an update on the publication of ‘On Ashover Hill.’ I have been talking to several parties, including Tesco’s re the price of their Christmas turnips, the council in relation to the brown bin non collection in winter, Tottenham Hotspur in relation to the non return of my emails offering my services and yes, a few potential Publishers.

I feel I am edging closer and am still working towards the Easter availability date – and yes that is Easter 2012. You will be able to buy the book wherever you live in the world and buy an e-book version if you prefer – or both! 

It is so wonderful to feel that things are moving forward and I will get back to you as soon as matters move to a definite choice and date. In the meantime I will keep the blogs rolling and thankyou SO MUCH for reading and your kind comments.

I write for you (& me) (& Hobbes).


The excitement builds: