Politics is a dirty business, whether that be in Westminster, the local constituency, home or the boardroom. Ideally of course it should not be. Open and honest debate should find an acceptable equilibrium that allows for a country or business to find the most acceptable way to sail through the waters they face. Often though it is the one with the loudest voice, the most aggressive approach, the cunning, the experience, that win the day. No wonder so many become disillusioned and simply turn away to live the life that we all could have led, one of reasoned approach and shared joy. Utopia, I know, is rarely achieved and yet it is still worth debating. How do we truly grow by alienating those whose voice should be heard? 

Across the pond the election is about personalities and bluster. Compare and contrast with Obama’s current visit to the UK and his words of conciliation and hope. Yet here politics has followed him and there has been much furore for example made about the replacement of a Churchill bust in the Oval Office with one of Martin Luther King with some linking this to how dare Obama utter a view on the UK’s vote on Europe. Obama’s response was simple. How could he not have that bust of MLK by his side after all he has achieved. Correct! The problem with politics is that you paint what is white, grey, so that those who would have seen beauty now just see dirty laundry. It is a cruel twist of the knife and sadly prevalent in our frontline politics. The sadness is that when death arrives, suddenly those who have destroyed now find words to build up. 

I have been reading much of late around what good looks like in the workplace. It’s fascinating to see the variations that people use within their businesses. What is clear is that those best placed have generally found a way to have a workforce in the same path with a joint purpose they all own. Surely what’s good enough for the corporate superstars is good enough for the party in power, the driven boardroom, the county united, the corner shop, the family round the breakfast table. 

To be on the same path though takes humility, dignity, empathy and kindness. Without these traits failure will follow because waiting in the wings are greed, self interest, profiteering and jealousy.

I read again recently around tribe and the need to find your people to make your path the best it can and should be. Maybe part of the problem is that in your tribe you will never be able to find a way. Honest assessment is necessary to be the best you can. You owe this to yourself, those near you and those you work with because in all cases this is about if you get this right then it truly is about what you do for them first. Find that truth and you will grow.