Evening all! 

First exciting news is the new anthony scott web site is coming very very soon! The landing page is ready and just being checked out and will be there for you to touch soon. We are hoping within a few weeks to give you plenty to get into! 

Now to the issue of the day – the west and our grasp of democracy…….

Watching the news tonight (couldn’t help it – was feeding Flora her sleepy bottle and the handset was out of my reach and she was going to sleep) I was left with story after story of the depths of life. Is that really the news? Anyway, there I was hoping Flora would go to sleep so I could leave the TV and get to the stereo and something cool and funky, when the news from the US of Obama suggesting same sex marriage may just be OK took over the screen with American after American being paraded in front of the screen to offer one view against another. Look – I know we all have opinions on this and many subjects and it is not for me to tell you how to feel, I am after all a writer and therefore by definition probably an arse, but I am pained by anyone who expresses a view of freedom and then dictates the opposite. That’s all I have. Oh yes, and the small matter of what and where is love in all of this? The most crucial part of life, the ability to dwell in the beauty of the arms of another, of another human who cares for you so much that being with them, in their presence, can make you feel that life is worth everything, that you can fly, sing, dance!!!!!! My God – what about love?!

I could go on……….

In my life I have known many people and I have to say their thirst for life that flows out of their very being into the river of humanity has never been about their sexuality. For me the impact of positivity, of joy, has been what has touched me. This is my barometer of life. Not a choice of sexuality.

Rant over.

Love and kisses to all even if you think I am even more of an arse after reading this………