Toward the end of OAH Angus, Robert’s best friend, takes stock of his life. He has just turned 60 and he does not like what he sees. Imagine having reached an age and you know you can never go back too to change how you lived it because you will never be that age again. It is a journey of impossibility and impossibility often breeds regret, and yet he mixes remorse with resolve and I admire that  so much.

There is a tender scene when he talks to his daughter, Edith, and she tells him of  photograph she has treasured of him from years before. She uses the image as an inspiration towards a painting. That’s enough for you for now from the book – but I adore that whole thing of seeing a photograph and it being an inspiration. They are to me. A moment in time encapsulated into a single take never to be repeated.

We have just returned from the pub having seen dear pals and shared some wonderful times. They included dear MCC sat on a chair and smiling for England. A shot is below. These moments, these dear moments, are much for us to rejoice in. Time passes by and before you now it something new has replaced something old but a photo is a lasting memory of time in infinity. That I love.

To your memories and your joy.