Morning all! As you all know (are bored of hearing no doubt) I blip (take a photo for the blip web site) nearly most every day and yesterday was my 200th blip resulting in some rather beautiful and kind comments on my blip wall (Smile like a Rabbit) (don’t ask). Through this medium of the internet I have made friends around the world. It amuses me that people sneer about on line friends. The depth of friendship I have with some of you is quite simply wonderful and no doubt if we saw each other too it would be just as wonderful. That is assuming you could put up with my nervous tick that causes me to hiccup every 3 seconds. Only joking of course. hic……………..hic…………….

I have just been reading through my blip journal and generally feeling the love and then went to catch up and came across dear Kendall’s blip where she stopped me dead as follows:

‘In case you wonder, Somalian pirates are not very bad guys. They seldom kill anybody, the exception being Americans who sail around the world in yachts full of Bibles, trying to convert people to Christianity–this gets on their nerves, but then again they probably wouldn’t have killed the missionaries if the US hadn’t been chasing them with four warships and a fleet of helicopters, which made them really nervous. Basically they’re just trying to make a living off the sea, and they would much rather do that than kill anybody. Most started off fishing, and when the fishing was bad, they went for whatever else they could get. They like to sit around chewing khat and daydreaming.’

You see perspective is one big happy family isn’t it! I adore the simple fact that we can speak in big fat thoughts to one another and how lucky are we? As you know some countries would now be taking Kendall and I into a dark cell. We wouldn’t be seen for some time. If at all. 

It is all a matter of perspective. The Somali Pirates can be viewed in many ways. I am thankful for balance. This gives me perspective. Otherwise I would label everyone with the same brush – and that would never do.

Over the last 7 / 8 months of blipping I have learnt to look a little closer each day to catch my blip and I am no photographer. I have also simply used my iphone and no touching up! A simple shot – each day. It has led me hug trees to get a close up, stop traffic to get the shot I want, walk more to get out and find the shot, and in short look.

Have a wonderful day y’all.