Taking the time to ask you why
Knowing that without you I would die
My love, my love
Seeing my life a journey on the road
I’ve been waiting for you to slow
My love, my love

I put flowers in your hair
But I just can’t help but stare at you

Old songs come and go and blast through my head in a wave of remembrance so that I just receive the words and wonder what the hell is happening! My past in verse just comes and goes and given I sang many of these songs over a 15 year past, I guess they always will. Imagine what I will be like when I am old and senile – the whole Wide Eyed Wonder back catalogue, intertwined with the Polaroyd numbers will come flooding out in a wave of pensioner rock! Watch out all future care workers – you have been warned!

We store up in our past and will continue to store up in our future all that will stay with us and keep coming back to us so the question really is what goodies can I get in there! Sometimes though you cannot manage what your brain produces. It just oozes out it’s random thoughts and you just have to roll with it. 

So tonight I salute memories – both old and new ones yet to be made. Whether they lift me up or slap me in the face I hope I can take both with equal succour and drink my life for all it is worth. 

Sleep tight fellow bloggers unless you are far to my west – in which case – have a most splendid day.