OAH is written over 103 years. Imagine. 103 years. What can happen in such a time. In our world of frantic change, often at a pace so quick that you blink and you really can miss it, such timescales seem unimaginable. 

I set out to write a book of consequence, of relevance and of stature. Have I achieved it? Well, you will make your own mind up on this. But for the characters that exist on the pages of OAH I have made my impression. The fact that they live in me, as the writer, is obvious and yet I also hope encouraging. The fact that I cannot even think of places in the book without thinking of the footprint of OAH. For example I go to Port Isaac soon and I just keep being drawn to the harbour and think of William there on the beach with Angus and his family. Why could I not just leave it there…… And yet, and yet. Life does not have a stop button other than the obvious one for one to leave this life. Even when someone dies they leave a trail of themselves that others have to deal with every day.

No, I think if one thinks about a painting, a beautiful piece, say