How are you?

It’s raining here which gives you a clue that I am no longer in the Indian Ocean…

The thing about the UK is that whenever there is a public holiday weekend (as there is this weekend with 2 days off!!! – thanks Queenie) the weather can be problematic.
I have been musing around one of my blip friends and her words and I ask myself the question – what is a good person and what is bad? Does it not depend on your point of view? For instance I know some people would think of me in one way and others in quite another. Trust me, the variance would be quite wide….

I was recently at a fancy dress 70’s do and I proudly showed my mother a photo of CC and I. She said ‘ooh Karen looks lovely but who is that strange man with her?’ So, my own mother, sees me as a strange man. Of course the blond wig through her off the scent, but you get the drift right?

I guess where I am headed towards is that the most important person in this whole question is what do you think? Of course what others think is important, though I would say those close to you mean by far the most, but, and it is a huge skyscraper of a but, what do you think of yourself? This self analysing is key as it will unlock the door to your soul.

May your day be full of joy, water in whatever form and fine food.