Courtesy and copywright of Bob Hamilton, Earthdreamer & fine all round man. 

Choosing a cover for On Ashover Hill has been a long journey. I knew I wanted a stark copse of trees and on my various trips over to Derbyshire around Bakewell and Youlgrave I kept seeing a copse of trees like the one above but there was nowhere to park (problem 1) and no way I could take a photo of sufficient quality on my i-phone (problem 2). I kept intending to borrow a top drawer piece of kit when Earthdreamer posted the above earlier this year on his blip site. My dream cover for On Ashover Hill sat before me and I asked him if I could use it for the book. He accepted without hesitation underlining for me the wonderful community we have on this photo and words sharing site.

It’s a Yorkshire copse you therefore see but this county is a mere distance away from Ashover and captures the mood I was after. I hope you like it.

Have a fabulous day.

Much love and bear hugs,