Good morning fair campers! I got a letter from the publisher the other day and have a meeting coming up to work through the back sleeve. Just musing over what to say and working on the marketing stuff that will be going out. Also need to think through a book launch – do I do one – and if so where. Do I do two? Am tempted to do one near home and then one up in Edinburgh. We shall see. I am rather uncomfortable about doing anything like this where I need to be in the limelight. Typing here is uncomfortable enough about my book. I think, no I know, this is why my blog has become a personal reflection piece rather than specifically about OAH. The artist talking about his own work is often tortuous and I feel his a lot. Still, our kind words and interest does comfort me, encourage me. 

This morning being up since 4.30am courtesy of MCC I though I would talk a little about OAH so there’s the first update and yes we are still on track for book launch around July with it being available and then official launch in September. It still feels somewhat unreal that I have pressed go and let that book go to be for once and for all printed. William, Francesca, Robert, Angus, Alison, Edith, Taylor, Cassie and all the other characters forever now to be set in print, their stories there and set. I muse that this is life, that once a life is spent, it is there, lieing in the annals of time, set, unmoved, history.

Last week, as you know, I was in the wonderful Port Isaac. I can tell you that one of the books major characters ends up living there and as I walked those sweet little lanes I saw him there. I stood outside his house, a few times in fact, and felt him in that space, his presence clear as day to me. His character comforts me anyway and there, in Port Isaac, I felt that touching my soul. This power of the written word is what makes writing and books a true living importance for us here, right now, in the 21st century. That’s why so many people dwell in the power of the word because it feeds the very soul.

With food in mind I am now off to get breakfast! Have a fine day and also thankyou for your kind comments on the last blog photo. It was a special shot of a special place – Sennen Cove right at the most south westerly tip of England. Below is Port Gaverne which sits next to Port Isaac and this is the bay I overlooked for a week. Gooooooorgeous!