Evening all.

Another fine day here in the UK with only several feet of rain and the temperatures akin to a cold Easter….. Played footie at lunch to be joined by a record low turn out meaning I had to run further than ever in high winds and driving general wetness. It was fun.
What is also fun is the news that I will be swapping to my new website to blog and generally do all things Anthony from next weekend – www.anthonyscott.co.uk
My good pal Martin Wilson has been doing all the design work and I got a full update tonight. It looks very exciting and will give us the chance to be far more interactive with you.
Live date should be next Friday the 15th of June.
Further don’t forget for those who can get that the Book Launch is on Tuesday the 10th of July at the Broadway Arts and Media Centre in Nottingham. It would be wonderful to have you there with me.
The book will be then be available on the site via the publisher.
Further we will have US delivery on side soon and an e-book.
I am now off to bed now to rest my aching limbs. The weather forecast for tomorrow remains grim but at least i am able to sleep inside…..
Blessings on one and all!